The Ames Community Theater (ACTORS) has been providing live theater for central Iowa for the past 67 years. During that time, ACTORS has staged over 300 productions to over 170,000 audience members. 

Each season includes comedies, dramas, and a musical or two. Over the years, ACTORS has produced shows for children, adults, and families. Each year a committee is formed to select the shows that will be produced, and these shows range from light-hearted comedies to controversial, thought provoking plays. Either way, there is something for everyone at ACTORS.

Anyone can audition for an ACTORS show. Auditions are held six to eight weeks before opening. Shows rehearse from three to five times a week. Actors learn where to go on stage, memorize their lines, and develop characters that interact with the other actors on the stage. 

ACTORS gives everyone in the community the opportunity to participate in putting on a show. During a show, our volunteers design, find, and sew costumes. Beyond being on stage, volunteers help build and paint sets, hang and run lights, do make-up and hair, or find stage props. There are a variety of roles during every performance that suit every talent. Cast and crew members make a strong team, joining their passion and talents to put on a show. These are friendships that often last a lifetime!

ACTORS is a 501(3)(c) nonprofit organization, and as such your donations are tax deductible!