ACTORS Announces Building Addition

The Ames Community Theater has announced plans to add a lobby and new façade to their building on 120 Abraham Drive.  The original building was constructed in 1977, and a storage space was added in 1998.  The new addition will be on the west side and will change the way ACTORS presents itself to the community.

The idea for the addition started more than 10 years ago.  The building has been cramped for space, the entry way for audiences continues to be inadequate, and additional rehearsal space is needed.  Over time, plans were developed and eventually approved by the city.  In the meantime, ACTORS became part of the Story County Community Foundation which has served as a way to save money for the building project. 

This building project will change the way ACTORS functions.  First, ACTORS will have a lounge and welcoming space for audiences.  The covered entry way will make drop-off and pick-up of audience members faster and easier.  A new parking lot and circle drive will improve the traffic before and after the show.  A Rialto-style theater façade has been designed that will make ACTORS look like a theater instead of a warehouse.   The added bonus of the project is second story storage. 

The team for the project is in place for an anticipated construction start-date of April 2020.  Architects are Jeff Harris and Nick Hulstrom from RMH Architects.  Engineers for the project are WHKS, Tometich, and Brewer Engineering Consultants.  Mike Jackson is overseeing the project as the ACTORS representative.  Stan Rabe and Lynn Lloyd have been assisted by Serica Rowley on fundraising.  The graphic artwork for materials have been designed by Rippke Design.

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