ACTORS Receives Grants

ACTORS received a series of grants over the past few weeks.

We were just awarded an emergency grant of $7,000 from the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs to cover operating costs and lost ticket sales over the past six months.  Specifically, this grant helped cover some of costs of moving shows to Stephens Auditorium so that we could socially distance the audience.  This is the third governmental grant to help with the impact of COVID on our theater.  Thank you!

ACTORS was awarded a grant from The Story County Community Foundation for $2462 to purchase the equipment necessary to live stream shows.  While licensing rights are not available to live stream all shows, ACTORS hopes to be able to live stream more shows in the future.  Playwrights and licensing companies are recognizing the need during the pandemic.  ACTORS will pursue live streaming for all future shows, so watch for those opportunities as they become available.  

The Ames Convention and Visitors Bureau awarded ACTORS two grants each for $3600 to sponsor moving Don't Dress for Dinner and The Full Monty to Stephens Auditorium.  Our partnership with Stephens has allowed ACTORS to continue to offer shows to the Ames Community.  These grants help make it financially possible.

Season 65: A Ground Breaking Season!

7:30 pm: September 17, 18, 19,
2:00 pm: September 20,
7:30 pm: November 12, 13, 14,
2:00 pm: November 15,
7:30 pm: January 28, 29, 30,
2:00 pm: January 31,
7:30 pm: May 20, 21, 22,
2:00 pm: May 23,
7:30 pm: July 1, 2, 8, 9, 10,
2:00 pm: July 11,
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