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7:30 pm: September 15, 16, 22, 23,
2:00 pm: September 24,
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Ali Cakes, 300 Main Street, Ames

The season starts with The Cemetery Club by Ivan Menchell. This poignant comedy tells the story of three widows who meet every month for tea and a trip to the cemetery to visit the graves of their late husbands. Things change when the local butcher starts paying attention to Ida, and they work at a second chance for love. The result is an evening of pure pleasure that will make you glad you went to the theater. The Cemetery Club opens September 15, 2017 and runs for five performances.

Cast and Crew
Ida Laurie Hoifeldt
Lucille V - Dumas-Wines
Doris Ruthellen Cunnally
Sam Donald Kom
Mildred Phyllis Schrag
Director Stan Rabe
Producers Myra Jackson, Jane Kennedy-Funk
Stage Manager Leah Scharfenberg
Assistant Director Heather Simmons
Technical Director Mike Jackson
Set Dressing Ronnie Lindeman, Jan Mabe
Cemetery Painting Susan Norris
Costumes Cathy Divine-Koch
Props Cynthia Marten, Marla Miller
Lighting Design Tom Haggas
Lighting & Sound Operator Ben Smith
Sound Design Tom Haggas
House Manager, Dresser, Scene Changes Stacy Anderson


Ida, Sam, Mildred
Lucille Ida