64 Seasons of theater in Ames.  Come see a show!

Dates & Times

7:30 pm: September 19, 20, 21, 27, 28,
2:00 pm: September 29,
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Alpha Copies 3615 Lincoln Way and 512 East Lincoln Way

A Backstage Peek into Community Theater

Take a peek behind the curtains as a community theater rehearses their upcoming play.  With  only two days to go before the show opens, complications arise when the novice playwright continues to change the script, the cast is snapping at each other, and the entire sound board is deleted before the show.  Come and enjoy the hilarious trials and tribulations of community theater!  

Thea Gessler Aggie
Mary Neumayer Gerry
Ruthellen Cunnally Phyllis
V~Dumas-Wines Polly
Samantha Brockshus Louise
Megan Kroeger Violet
Akela Salter Smitty
Seth Levings Saul
Mark Redmond Henry
Wesley Tener Billy
Jana Egan Stagehand