64 Seasons of theater in Ames.  Come see a show!

Dates & Times

7:30 pm: January 30, 31, February 1, 7, 8,
2:00 pm: February 9,
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Alpha Copies: 3615 Lincoln Way, Ames, IA

Farcical Display of Romance and Deception

Finding themselves at a dead-end in their careers, Shakespearean actors Jack and Leo are looking for a way out and believe they have found it in York, PA.  When they discover a old lady is looking for her nephews in order to leave them her riches, they decide to pass themselves off as her long-lost relatives.  Unfortunately,  Jack and Leo's plans begin to unravel when they discover that the old lady is looking for her nieces, and then romance enters the picture.  Come and enjoy the hilarity as Jack and Leo take on the roles of a lifetime!

Meg Brianna Stoever  
Leo Bradley Meyer  
Jack Joe Ferrell  
Audrey Nancy Ibarra-Rangle  
Duncan Mike Miller  
Florence Phyllis Schrag  
Doc Mark Redmond  
Butch Ben Smith